Employement Permits/VISAS

Employee Permit Visa is the pre-requisite for the individual to work in UAE, Dubai. Mainly there are two types of situation or procedures which one should follow. First and fore most is if employee is sponsored by any company then sponsoring company should arrange complete formalities including his residence stamping as well.

In other case, if employee came in UAE for work purpose then he or she should take approval from Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Employee Permit Visa generally given for thirty days and it’s valid upto two months which is to enter in UAE once upon a time. Employee has to pass some medial test as well to obtain a medical certificate from a government health center.

This is the first stage for employee and successful employee would get health card.

Employee should submit the application for Labour Card to Labour & Social Affairs within 30 days. Employee submits the application of stamping the residency for employee’s passport.

Employee should complete all the above procedures within sixty days period at arrival in the country.